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About us

Driving to work on a Saturday morning as he usually did, Travis was shot while in his truck. The bullet entered his head between his temple and eye socket and out the other side.

Travis remained conscious during the whole ordeal and even found the strength to call 911. Miraculously he says that he did not feel a thing. If you ask Travis, he’s sure to tell you it was God who was there with him the whole time.

Now blind in his left eye, Travis has only 25% sight out of his right eye. Oddly enough, it took this sort of tragedy to, as Travis say’s, “Open his spiritual eyes.” Travis has fully forgiven his attacker for everything he has put Travis through on that fateful day. Travis now believes God put him on a path that would bring glory to His name.

After healing from the violent event Travis decided to leave the past in the past and focus on healing himself. Once he got up to speed he wondered, why stop here. He took up a cause for getting others what they need to start the healing process as well.

Travis now trains for and runs half marathons, as an inspiration to others who have difficulties to work through.

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