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A blind man Who has a vision to help kids and adults overcome obstacles. you cannot be an inspiration Unless you get out of the boat. I was not left here to stay in the boat.


As most of you know tomorrow marks the 4 year anniversary of the shooting that should have took my life. But God had other plans. I should have been completely 100 percent blind. But God had other plans. I should have been mad and wanted revenge against the people who did this. But God had other plans. I should have had a long drawn out recover instead of getting out of the hospital in 5 days. But ...God had other plans. I shouldn’t have met my wife and gotten married to an amazing woman named patsy but God had other plans. I shouldn’t be running to help the 165 million plus orphans in the world but God has other plans. I should love him with all of my heart and soul and mind and strength and that is God’s plan. God is using me like he can use you. The key is opening up to him and saying father God thank you for my life and let me serve you. I accept you into my heart and ask for your forgiveness for my sins. All you have to do is ask. And until you do he will be waiting with all the love he has had and has and will have for you. God bless ya'll


Wow,,,, It is Feb. 2013 already. Time has really gone by so fast!

 Since our last post I ran the race in Tucson and just a few weeks ago completed my second ever FULL marathon run here in Tempe AZ. YES,,,, 26.2 miles. What a great day for that race and we LOVED all the Run Trav Run support we received! Shannon Vodden you rock as a PR man,,, Kenzie Vodden, what an amazing cheerleader and right hand girl for Shannon. Paul Batzer,,, 701 photography from Grand Forks, ND came out to take pictures and to support us. Greg Norman,,, Norman funeral home in Grand Forks ~ (Pete Moss) played a mean jazz pool side at the after race barbeque. Alan & Melody Davis from Oregon (Davis's apple orchards) John & Bararba from Oregon were all here. Thanks to all our family and friends who came out to show support! We were blessed by each and everyone of you!

Next up.... Feb. 23rd. 2013, I will be teaming up with my local church "Team Ridgeline" We will get dirty and tackle the tough mudder run held here in Tempe AZ.. A little outside my comfort zone of running 13.1 or 26.2 mile marathon runs, but I am up for the challenge! Come on out to watch the mud fly, It is going to be fun!!!!,,,, I think? LOL!!!!


Training for the December 9th race in Tucson is going great! Three weeks away from 1/2 marathon number 20. Some may think that after 19 1/2 marathons that training gets easier and the races get easier, but that is not the case. As I get older, training gets harder but that is when I have to adapt and train differently and rely on God and my heart in that order more than I rely on myself. I don't do this because it is difficult or for a medal or to pat myself on the back I do it because God shows me all things are possible.


We have been back a week from our awesome trip to North Dakota. God opened so many amazing doors for us while we were there! First and foremost.... Thank you Shannon for all your hard work and dedication you put forth before we got there... We love you!

** We were given the opportunity to speak at several wonderful venues,,,, Foundation for the Blind being one! We were so welcomed there and we loved sharing our story with them,,, the children blessed us with their amazing determination. We were extremely blessed to have shared our testimony with Gospel Outreach. Bishop Cole and his beautiful wife and staff...... THANK YOU, THANK YOU for blessing us! Kerri Drees, Beth & Josh at Your Q FM ~~~ WOW,,,, you really rock that Christian station and THANK YOU for letting us share with you on the air.  Mayor Brown, what an honor to be so welcomed by you and taking time out of your busy schedule to come rock the race and sing with Greg ~ Pete Moss! THANK YOU BOTH!! Paul with 701 photography we appreciate all the time you took capturing the moments of our trip. The Wild Hog 1/2 marathon was a great success and we definitely look forward to next year.  We loved seeing family & making new friends. We loved the support we received from many of you! Look through all the pictures and videos that we hope to have up soon. Praying for more doors to open as we continue to share the word. Have a very blessed week!

It is only 24 days until race day! We are looking forward to the Grand Forks, ND wildhog 1/2 marathon. We have been training hard (Patsy & I) to get where we need to be by the time we reach ND. It will be the first time we will be representing IVO (International Voice of the Orphan) so it is time to start working hard at our presentation to spread the word in Grand Forks about this amazing organization. It you want to learn more check out the IVO page which was recently added. Hope you all are having a GOD week this week.


Our first weekly entry will be a recap of the past three weeks. We have ran a total of 84 miles training in the past three weeks in preparation for Grand Forks, ND. We are also blessed to announce our affiliation with International Voice of the Orphan. This is the first of many weekly blogs and we thank you for checking out our site. G0d Bless!


nice 7 mile run this am with my wife. well she was there for most of it. she is my cheerleader and she does a great job at it. one more 2 or 3 mile run left today and that's it.



9 miles running today making the week total up to 33 miles. wheh - glad thats over. now time to rest for the weekend. also there are some exciting new updates for run trav run including the launch of our website runtravrun.com very soon. i know we have said this before but it will be up and operational within a week. also we will be changing our focus here in the next few weeks as finding sponsors for bullying just did not pan out..for now. please pray for our direction to be led by god and these new possibilities realized.


its been an amazing week training this week so far and its not even over yet. over 24 miles running and 3 miles swimming coupled with 4 miles walking on the treadmill. not to mention a half hour on the elliptical and 2 sessions of p90x ab ripper x. all that in only 4 days. awesome. thank god that god gives me strength because he is strong and i am weak.


training resumed last week after a 2 week unexpected layoff due to a sinus infection. did manage to put in 12 miles running and a mile and a half in the pool. time is running short as there are just 7 weeks until grand forks. but the tickets are booked and i am motivated that this 6 plus weeks of training will be awesome. god bless

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